Dizzy To Return After 20 Years?

For those of us who were around at the start of this ‘gaming malarkey’, rather than being born with a silver rumblepak in our mouths, the chances are that Dizzy will spark a few memories.  Brainchild of the Oliver Twins, the Dizzy games were a series of adventure puzzle/platformers on the faithful Speccy/C64, featuring the titular hero – an egg – as he battled the evil machinations of the wizard Zaks, routinely saving his people and his beloved Daisy.  After twenty long years, and with Kickstarter showing no signs of slowing down, the Oliver Twins have decided that the time and funding platform are just right and are launching a Kickstarter project for a new title – Dizzy Returns.  They are seeking a whopping £350,000 to fund the project and promise a fun and rewarding game that will cater to all levels of abilities.

Huge nostalgia hit, this one, although their funding target is rather ambitious.  Here’s hoping they pull it off.  It’s been too long.

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  1. Richie rich says:

    It had better be better than that iOS wank that came out last year.

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