Van Helsing Virtual Casting Call

You may already be aware from our coverage of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing that many of us at GLHQ are a tad excited over the prospect of ridding the world of evils under the guise of Professor Abraham Van Helsing’s descendant.  With it being a cast-in-stone character, where you can’t modify height, weight, hair colour or any of the characteristics that you’d expect from other genres, the player is restricted with whomever comes pre-loaded as the principal character.  Developers Neocore, however, have decided that the player should have some choice in the matter and so have launched their own virtual casting call, thankfully not named Borgovia’s Got Talent, on the hunt for the perfect Van Helsing.

With the Borgovia-wide qualifiers now over, the fate of the final three is now in the hands of you, the gamer, as it goes to public vote to find the ultimate winner and star of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.  To cast your vote, visit the Neocore Games DevBlog and make your choice.  It’s a tough call, as two of the finalists appear to have just the right amount of mystique to carry it off and rid the world of the vile hell spawn while the other, although we’re not naming names, looks like a bit of a douche and would be more suited to Beverly Hills 90210.

Visit the Neocore DevBlog to cast your vote.

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