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As you may already have read in today’s review, there’s a lot going on in Tiny Troopers!  Thirty levels of strategic warfare, but on a small scale rather than hundreds of units to control, and the ability to build your soldiers up as they complete each level… provided they survive the permadeath, of course.  Add to this the fact that, in order to get an advantage over the enemy you’ll have to buy upgrades in advance of each mission and so will need a decent chunk of in-game money to do it, and you’ve got one of those addictive games where you want to keep on playing even though you’re being creamed.  For all you youngsters out there… that’s how video games used to be – you got killed and you died, losing everything and having to start again.

Win one of FIVE copies of Tiny Troopers on Steam
The good folks over at Kukouri have given us five copies of Tiny Troopers Steam codes to give away, and all you need to do is…

  1. Email tinytroopers@gaminglives.com with the answer to this question:
    Which Amiga classic was Tiny Troopers based on?
  2. Follow @GamingLives on Twitter and tweet this phrase (which you can click to save you time typing):
    I want to win Tiny Troopers from @GamingLives, @kukouri and @Iceberg_Int and help T-Bone kick ass! http://gliv.es/TTroopers

The Rules
This contest is open to anyone over the age of 16, in any country worldwide.  Please note, however, that you will need the Steam client to play it. Anyone who doesn’t follow @GamingLives, doesn’t tweet the phrase or doesn’t get the correct answer will not be eligible for the final draw – all three criteria must be met.  The contest will run until midnight GMT on Monday 22nd October, at which point we won’t accept any more entries and the five winners will be selected at random on Tuesday morning and notified immediately.  We will also update this page with the details of the winners.  You may enter the contest as many times as you like, provided you tweet the phrase each time (don’t go crazy or people will unfollow you… nobody likes a spammer) but only ONE prize will be given per person.

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