London Games Art Exhibition To Be Hosted At City Hall

In a great move to showcase the stunning artwork and breathtaking talent that goes hand in hand with the games industry, London’s City Hall will be hosting a free-to-visit exhibition of games art as part of the upcoming London Games Festival.  Artwork has been donated by artists, devs, and publishers, including Team 17, Warner Bros, Pop Cap, and Konami to name but a few.  Once the exhibition is over, the pieces will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to games charity Special Effect.

“This is a real coup for this year’s London Games Festival,” said event director Kirsty Payne. “The generosity of the games industry continues to astonish – we’ve already been donated some incredible pieces which have never been seen in public before. So not only will it make a fascinating exhibition of very rare art, it’ll raise a significant amount for Special Effect.”

What we find amusing, however, is the venue. City Hall is, of course, home to London Mayor and footinmouthist Boris Johnson, who, as some of you may remember back in 2006, wrote this lovely, hyper-exaggerated piece on videogames and what they were doing to the nation’s children, ultimately declaring consoles to be “drivelling machines”.  Indeed.

Source: MCV

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