Borderlands 2′s Huge Mount Jackmore Giveaway

With Borderlands 2 due to hit the shelves in a few days, assuming there are still video-game stores left who still bother to stock new copies, 2K Games and Gearbox software have taken the initiative to follow Peter Molyneux’s ‘Cube’ project and launch a near-global game where players use their weapon of choice to chip away at a bust of Handsome Jack and reveal special prize areas.  With only limited ammo per person, per day, the only way to ensure that you are given more time to shoot the hell out of the Borderlands 2 antagonist is to invite more friends to play along.  With each new friend who signs up, you are given more ammo.  As each area is hit so many times, the chunk turns gold and the first to hit the newly-gilded piece will win a prize.

“What prize?”, I hear you ask.  Well, in true ‘all-out’ Gearbox style, the prize fund is not only ridiculous (with 2000 prizes on offer in total) but has some of the most sought-after booty ever to be found on Pandora.  Yes, even better than the practically-non-existent pearl weapons that Crawmerax was supposed to drop in the previous game.  Winners can pick up anything from badges to plush Claptraps, USB sticks through to the hugely-limited Ultimate Loot Chest collector’s edition box set, complete with its own red crate.  No midgets therein, thankfully.

To take part, and to have a chance at winning some of this amazing bounty, direct your browser to the WubWub site, tear yourself away from The Border Lands for just two minutes… and get shooting.

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