Microsoft To Launch Free To Play Title

While it is fair to say that the free to play model has been ridden round the block more than the local gimp, it isn’t yet tapped out if Microsoft’s new game is anything to go by.  The publishing giant will be releasing its first free to play game this Autumn on Xbox Live Arcade – Happy Wars.  The game, developed by ToyLogic, is a multiplayer action title that will be free to download and play.  The characters are cartoony and there are a variety of fantasy battlefields on which to play, such as grasslands and the ocean floor, and players can select from one of the three classic character types: warrior, mage, and cleric.

Of course, if you want to pimp out your characters then expect to pay cash, as micro-transactions are how the game will support itself.  While there have been other free games on Live before, they’ve usually come as part of a promotion, such as the Doritos, achievement-whorey games.  This one looks pretty spiffy, so we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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