Nordic Games To Publish The Raven

After the success of The Book of Unwritten Tales, just one of a number of top point and click adventures released in the last 12 months, Nordic Games are aiming to continue the successful trend by teaming up once more with Book of Unwritten Tales devs, KING Art, to release a new adventure, The Raven.  The Raven is a ‘criminal tale’ set in 1960′s Europe, seeing players set off on the trail of an infamous burglar and art thief, The Raven, as he attempts to snaffle the legendary gemstone the ‘Eye of the Sphinx’.

“The Raven is a key title for us and Nordic Games has shown a great passion to deliver the best of the best whilst working on our previous titles. They know exactly what we need to make our games a great success,” says Jan Theysen, Creative Director at KING Art.

Not only will the game be at home in the familiar environs of the PC, but it will also be getting a console release.  How well the game will play on the console, after mixed success from otherwise great titles such as Gray Matter, remains to be seen, but we’re certainly intrigued by this title and love the promise of a fast-paced, point and click thriller.

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