The Good Life – Tropical Sim Game Announced

Of all the bizarre simulation games that regularly make their way onto the market, a surprisingly down to earth and oddly obvious title has just been announced and has caught our attention.  The Good Life is not a farming sim, graced with the ever perky Felicity Kendall, but a tropical paradise simulation game, in which you play as Derek Hales, who inherits a boating company from his late Uncle in a chain of tropical islands.  The game, in an unusual move is being billed as a hybrid title, combining ship and life simulation with elements of tycoon gameplay.  It is being published by Iceberg Interactive and looks set for a Q4 release.

Gameplay features include:

  • Realistic weather conditions and 24hr day/night cycle.
  • Become an adept skipper and master the techniques to control your ship and take shelter in any harbor.
  • Experience vast, beautiful tropical locations, with more than 50 harbors and dozens of diverse places to explore, ranging from luxurious hotels to ancient cities and from picturesque beaches to mystical underwater worlds.
  • Buy and sell properties in ports, such as sun beds, apartments, bars, restaurants, beach houses, bungalows, villas and even hotels.
  • Seek treasures in the deep, rescue people from drowning, avoid pirate attacks, take part in photo safari excursions, avoid tornados, become rich and famous!

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