The Sims 3 Seasons Announced

Arriving rather late in the franchise’s life comes the long-awaited Sims 3 Seasons, recently announced by EA.  The Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack will be launching in November 2012 and features not only the weather that has long been missing from the Sims 3 jigsaw, but a number of related activities and gameplay elements.  Players can expect the usual weather effects and resulting changes that will transform their neighborhoods, from the blooming flowers of Spring to the icy wonderland of Winter, and Sims will react accordingly.  Each season will come with unique celebrations, such as the Spring Dance and the Summer Festival, and will provide numerous new activities, such as snowboarding, carving pumpkins, building igloos, and, for the first time, swimming in the ocean.  We’re hoping for a Jaws style death, but somehow we doubt EA have gone for it.

As usual, the expansion will come with a number of new food, fashion, and build/buy objects such as fries, tanning booth (for that Essex girl look), mistletoe, fireworks, umbrellas, snow boots, and wetsuits.  Of course, humour is only a snowball’s throw away, as unlucky Sims can end up with a bad tan, a snotty cold, or could even get struck by lightning.  Not seen since The Sims 2, this expansion sees the welcome return of aliens, this time in a far more hands-on capacity, as you can borrow UFOs to abduct neighbors, invade community lots or go traveling.  We’re intrigued to see just how this element will play out.

Players who pre-order the Sims 3 Seasons will receive the limited edition, that includes the Ice Lounge community lot – a spiffy social club which includes 12 new objects made entirely of ice.

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