Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Release Date Surfaces

Those Anno fans who managed to overcome their suspicion of the series’ radical shift in time period enough to get stuck into the futuristic Anno 2070 should hopefully be pleased today as Ubisoft have announced the release date for the strategy game’s upcoming expansion, Deep Ocean.

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean will largely focus on a new faction known as the Techs, who, thanks to the new Genius population class, are able to expand further into the depths of the ocean.  This allows players to utilise the sea, building vast production facilities below the surface and experimenting with geothermal power, giving rise to the near impossible dream of a limitless energy supply.  The expansion will include over 150 new quests, natural disasters, career ladder rewards, and co-op features.

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean will be released on 4th October.

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