Hot New Borderlands 2 Trailer Explodes Into Action

Mmmm, what big fists you have. Shank would love you.

Best Borderlands 2 trailer ever.  There.  We said it.  Anyone who is a regular reader of GL will know that this is one of our most hotly anticipated games and this trailer just made things a whole lot harder.  Pun absolutely intended.  The latest trailer shows, amid the humour and carnage, the whole team in action for the first time.  Before, the focus had largely been on the Gunzerker, Salvador, in previous trailers and screens.  Here, however, we get to see the Siren, Maya, with her phase-lock, and some kick-arse gun-turret action from the Soldier, Axton (finally, a good looking Borderlands character for the ladies [or gents] – yes, while the GL female contingent still love Moxxi as much as anyone else does, this guy would bring you flowers and a Skagskin overcoat, and take no shit from snooty waiters).  It looks like he has dual turrets as a special and we love them so much we won’t even quibble about where the fuck he kept them hidden.  We also saw some interesting teleportation from Zero, which played out very smoothly.

Of course, we’ve known for a while that some of the old team would be making an appearance, and here we get a brief glimpse of Lilith, flexing her fiery wings.  Further bolstering the female side of things is a new… erm… how shall we put it?  Ample lady.  It was just a fleeting glimpse, but provided a humourous look at one of the NPCs we can expect to run across.

The trailer also features some gorgeous looking new terrains to be traversed and trampled, from a snowy tundra to a green glade with running water.  Yes, green.  In Borderlands.  We know, but it looked great and will help break up the dune seas, rocky outcrops, and Max Max-esque grungy recycled settlements from the first game.  Other notable inclusions are the character of Tiny Tina – we still don’t know who she is, but imagine a mini version of Tank Girl and you won’t go far wrong.  The GL team are divided, with some placing wagers on her being Moxxi’s daughter, while others think she is simply a feral brat from the settlements, albeit in a cute shoot-your-face-off kinda way.

Tomorrow we’ll have a Borderlands 2 event piece incoming, which will spill more details on the Tundra and Sanctuary areas, as well as Tiny Tina, and an interview with Vice President of Gearbox, Steve Gibson.  Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

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