Game Collection Sells For Over 1.2 Million Dollars

Every now and again, one of those auctions pops up on Ebay, where everyone goes crazy for an uber rare game or huge collection, but we have to say that the latest one beats all others hands down.  One Ebay seller has just sold his gobsmacking collection of every Nintendo game ever released, up to the Gamecube, and every SEGA game ever released, for 1.2 million dollars.  No, we aren’t kidding.  We just hope that the buyer didn’t have his Ebay account fraped by a stupid mate, or he’ll be crying into his keyboard by now and wondering which kidney to sell.

The auction for the impressive collection came to an end on 8th July, and despite various offers to buy sub-sets of the vast collection, it appears to have been sold completely in tact.  Where the guy kept all this stuff over the years is beyond us, but with any luck it has gone to a good home…a very, very big home.

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