New Super Mario Bros. 2 Pre Order Bonuses

While most pre-order bonuses these days come in the shape of costumes or a few extra weapons, but just occasionally someone actually gives away something decent and Ninty are planning just that, with the upcoming Super Mario Bros. 2.  The new 3DS game, set for an August release, will come with one of two pre-order bonuses, depending on where you live.  In the US, customers who pre-order from GameStop’s online store (no bonus for regular retail) will snag a gold Mario pin (pictured on the left below), while UK customers who pre-order at GAME or Gamestation will receive a gold coin cartridge case (pictured on the right).  Both treats will be shipped along with the game on release.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released on 17th August, 2012 in the UK and 19th August, 2012 in the US (to coincide with the launch of the 3DS XL stateside).

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    I’d take the pin!

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