Pokémon Conquest Set to Invade British Shores in July

We dare you to make fun of his hair...

After much fan speculation, Nintendo have finally announced a release date for their curious title Pokémon Conquest. The game is due for release on July 27th for the DS, and is developed by Tecmo Koei. The announcement comes after some rather good news for the Pokémon franchise, with their most recent “core” game, Pokémon Black2/White2, rocketing up sales charts to achieve the 3rd-best opening for any DS game. Ever. In Japan, that is.

The game – a departure from the standard RPG formula of Pokémon – is a “tactics” style game, fusing the mythology of Pokémon with the historically influenced Nobunga’s Ambition games. The title features around 200 portable atrocities (obtainable by convincing feudal Japanese warlords to join you with their powerful pets), and contains seventeen kingdoms for the player to unite/dominate. Not only that, but it also boasts Pokémon from every generation, including the most recent ‘generation V’ entries, Pokémon Black and White.

Many of the writers here at GLHQ are hoping that Nintendo will see the positive reaction generated by this announcement and follow it up with a specific date for Black2/White2 in Europe.

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