Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.3 – Allies

Today marks the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s second major update 1.3 – Allies. For the last few weeks, players have been logging in to the test server and trying out the new features, ensuring the update’s readiness for launch. Allies promises even more development of the newly-introduced legacy system which allowed players to build their character families of alternative characters as well as unlock perks and abilities through their legacy level. Most users found the main legacy tool a little lacking, but the perks and abilities from the legacy system created a huge amount of incentive to complete additional character class stories. Crafty BioWare.

With Allies, BioWare looks to push this forward, introducing a raft of new legacy perks and abilities, along with a number of companion updates. Players can now unlock the ability to get their speeder from level 10 or deploy a repair drone to fix up their armour – handy for those endgame operations.

Another incredibly helpful introduction is the much-needed Group Finder system, which should allow players to find their flashpoint groups in no time at all. Gone will be the days of screaming in local chat for that all-important tank.

There is also the addition of customisable social clothing, which should allow players to wear what they want. Social clothing will have all of the customisation slots orange gear currently has, but will adapt to match the highest armour level your character can use. Yes, Troopers can wear that dress into battle and, yes, the Inquisitor can wear Imperial armour. In the early stages we imagine this will probably mean operations with a team full of folk in slave girl outfits but, still, questing with style.

For some of us here at GLHQ it looks like BioWare are delivering a number of new social features that the community has asked for.  However, at the time of writing, the servers are still currently down for update so we may be back later with, “BioWare wreck Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Stay tuned.

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