Wild Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Trailer Appears!

In a move that has excited and animated many British (and English-speaking) fans, Nintendo have released an English trailer for their upcoming DS game, Pokémon Black 2/White 2. The trailer, released in a Nintendo Direct broadcast, is pretty short (but also rather sweet); confirming a few details that had previously been left to gamers’ imaginations.

The trailer confirms the English name for Poison-type Gym Leader Roxie, and shows a few more Pokémon appearing in the National Unova Pokédex. Making an appearance are; the moronic fan-favourite Psyduck, electric mutton-chop Mareep and the ‘armless Azurill. These additions add a few more certain names to a roster of 300 Pokémon available during the main game. The video also confirms that the starters are the same trio available in the original Black and White games, and gives us a whistle-stop tour of a new area called Asperthia City (where the player starts his or her adventure).

Whilst the trailer doesn’t bombard us with new information, it certainly tells us that Nintendo haven’t forgotten about their fans in the West, as well as giving slavering fans (sorry, Trainers) a chance to see more of the game in action.

Pokémon Black2/White2 is the 1st direct sequel for the Pokémon franchise (Nintendo usually opting for “Director’s Cut” versions of previous titles) and is due to pop out of its enigmatic Pokéball on June 23rd in Japan. European and American release dates have yet to be confirmed (with a tentative “Fall” bracket making do for now).

No doubt there’ll be an avalanche of fresh news when Japanese gamers get the chance to play with their balls all over again later this week.

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