Sims 3 Supernatural Announced

If the usual pattern of expansions and stuff packs holds out, then Sims 3 is fast approaching its twilight years, as the next piece of the Sims puzzle is announced.  Sims 3 Supernatural is the latest expansion pack in the series and promises dark delights for those gamers who want to take the magical side of life further than those few over-priced items on the Sims 3 store.  Sims 3 Supernatural will allow payers to create and play as supernatural beings for the first time – to be more precise: werewolves, witches, vampires, and fairies.  Rather than relying on your Sim being turned by a vampire (as in Late Night), or bitten by a glowy eyed dog (Sims 2′s ‘Pets’ expansion), this time these creatures can be created from scratch in the Create a Sim area, allowing complete customisation, including how hairy your werewolf’s body is, to what shape your fairy’s wings will take.

Of course, it isn’t all about the looks… with the new Sim types come new abilities, traits, skills and social interactions to further flesh out your Sim world.  Some of these will include delayed aging for fairies and vampires, magical abilities for witches, and lycanthropy for werewolves (they will be able to shape shift into wolf form at will).  The Sims Studio is also offering players the chance to spice up their sims’ lives with magic, with players able to cast spells and brew potions, which can have a range of effects, for better or – if you are the evil persuasion (we are, Ed.) – worse.  Much worse.  These can range from career boosts, to weight loss and, yes, even zombification – this particularly nasty effect will see the targeted Sim turned into a brain-munching, foot dragging enemy of Bill who will wreak havoc on your sleepy town.

In addition, players will be given the new town of Moonlight Falls to play in, promising more gothic stuff than you can shake Van Helsing at.  New objects will include a sliding bookcase to conceal those all important hidden lairs/coffin repositories, a powerful magical mirror, and other enchanted bric-a-brac.  New careers will include fortune telling and alchemy and the lunar cycle will have an effect on the town, spilling light on its darkest mysteries.

Players will be able to get their hands on Sims 3 Supernatural in September this year.

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