Sexist Booth Babe Article Vanishes From CVG

Just as the backlash over that Hitman trailer dies down, something else pops up to cause an outrage regarding the female form.  Yes, CVG, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take time out of its E3 reporting for a spot of babe-rating.  Yes, what better way to stir up the misogynistic bottom feeders in the gaming community by showing pics of booth babes and asking folk to score them.  Though childish at best, perhaps the most offensive thing about the whole article was the opening paragraph in which this bastion of games journalism clarified its complex scoring system: ‘Would’ and ‘Wouldn’t with yours, mate’.

In an industry that is slowly becoming more inclusive, with games making more of a grudging effort to include women in roles bigger than their bra size (fighting genre excepted – that’s a lost cause), this is something of a surprise.  Twitter, doing what it does best, exploded over the article and many, including seasoned journos such as John Walker from RPS, wrote to CVG to express their disgust.  The article has since vanished from the front page, but not before making the news itself on industry sites such as  What the article’s author was thinking is perhaps best left to the imagination… we can only assume that he left his head in another castle, perhaps in the possession of the nth pink princess that needed rescuing.  CVG, coming to you, sponsored by Grainger Games…

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