Daedalic Announce 1954: Alcatraz

Adventure game-smiths, Daedalic Entertainment are usually more at home with light-hearted, surreal comic-style releases, so their latest announcement – 1954: Alcatraz – comes as something of a surprise.  Players will take on the role of Joe, an inmate of the famous prison, in the title which is set in 1950s San Francisco.  Joe has been sentenced to 40 years for armed robbery but, like most inmates, he is all to eager to break free, which is where you come in.  With his wife under threat from fellow gangsters who are after the swag that Joe thoughtfully stashed away, he is racing against time to  not only break out of the notoriously inescapable prison, but also to save his wife and reclaim the loot that saw him sent down.

The game will feature different plots and a number of alternate endings, as player decisions come to the fore.  Not only that, but 1954: Alcatraz will feature 90 hand painted locations, 20 3D animated characters, and a score composed by Pedro Macedo Camacho who has a history of scoring not just the adventure genre, with games such as Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, but also, the sadly-maligned-but-actually-pretty-good-fun Fairytale Fights.

Expect a 2012 release, although our German chums usually get these titles before the UK adventure game community does, so fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long.

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