Xbox Live Jubilee Sale

Getting geared up for this year’s Summer of Arcade on XBL but running short of the ol’ MS Space Dough?  We’re pretty much in the same boat here at GLHQ, especially with the Skyrim DLC carrying a hefty 1600 MS price tag… let’s hope it’s more than just sheet metal for your mount, eh?  Fear not, for the latest people to nip down to their local B&Q to pick up tins of red, white, and blue paint to celebrate (or capitalise on) the jubilee are Microsoft, with an offer of a massive 30% off all Xbox Live points and memberships… so 4200 MS points would cost you just £24.49 and a year’s Gold membership to Xbox Live would set you back £27.99… which is the equivalent of around five-hundred of your cheapest Aldi donuts covered with red white and blue sprinkles.

To qualify for the sale prices, customers are being asked to use the promotional code “JubileeOffer” at checkout, and this will be available from now until June 5th so get in there while the bunting is still draped from the lamp-posts or you’ll be back up to full price!

Click here to visit the sale page:

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