Play With Naked Gun’s Big Bust On The iPhone

Of all the things that we would ever have expected to see made into a game, Naked Gun certainly wasn’t one of them.  But now that we think about it… why not?  There are plenty of stuffy detective games out there, taking themselves too seriously, so why not bring some humour to proceedings?  Well, DNA Interactive, in collaboration with Bad Neighbours, obviously came to that conclusion too, and have decided that there is no one better to spruce up the stale crime genre than Frank Drebin.  Or rather, Frank Drebin Jr.

THE NAKED GUN: I.C.U.P – sadly only for IOS – aims to spoof modern crime dramas and gaming culture, and is coming to us in glorious 2D in an up-to-date adventure, featuring mini games, collectables, ‘completely arbitrary unlockable outfits’ and ‘surprise cameos by some of the gaming world’s most notoriously obnoxious characters’.   The game’s storyline is written by Bob LoCash, writer and producer of the original film series, so we’re expecting great things. “Bringing this new chapter to life with the amazing and talented crew at DNA (I was held hostage for three days with a sack over my head until I agreed to the preceding statement) was a total pleasure. This game is something special – a funny and engaging piece of entertainment that will hopefully win the hearts of Naked Gun fans, gaming fans, and comedy fans alike,” he said, before a falling pianist crushed him.

While, sadly, Leslie Nielson has gone to the laughter factory in the sky and taken his straight faced alter-ego, Frank Drebin with him, gamers will be playing as Drebin’s equally inept son, Frank Drebin Jr. and his crack team (that is perhaps being a tad generous – Ed.) as they tackle crime and presumably make time to tackle busts (at least they’re sure of a soft landing).

THE NAKED GUN: I.C.U.P. is available for $4.99 –from the App Store® for iPad and iPhone.

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  1. Rook says:

    For iOS only – surely you can’t be serious.

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    :D I wondered who would say that one. I should have known it would be you!

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