Dead Space 3 Screens Seem To Confirm Co-Op

The rumour mill has been grinding with increasing vigor for some time now about the possibility of the next Dead Space installment having a co-op mode.  Now, it appears those rumours have turned out to be correct, thanks to a host of screenshots which have made their way onto the internet via AGB.  No details about the game have been officially confirmed, but it would appear from the screenies that the third title will take place on an ice planet – something reported by Siliconera some time ago.

The site also claims (thanks to an inside source at EA) that the game’s protagonist, Isaac, is on a rescue mission to retrieve a woman and return her to Mars.  Their source also alleges that Isaac will have a split personality – a shadowy half who will taunt and torment him – although to what end and how this will or won’t effect gameplay is unclear. Until more is known (expect more from this year’s EA E3 conference), feast your eyes on the gallery of screenies.

Sources: AGB and Siliconera

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