CD Projekt Red Tease New Cyberpunk IP

CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the acclaimed Witcher games is teasing its upcoming projects ahead of tonight’s live stream conference, at which a big reveal is promised to be on the cards.  They have released one piece of concept art, boasting a distinct Cyberpunk feel (and with a look of Brink about it in some ways), leading many to believe that their new IP will be a cyberpunky RPG.  Nice.

Not only that, but smart money is on a third Witcher game, and the porting of the first Witcher title to join its kin on the consoles.  All will be revealed at 5pm GMT on the official Witcher website, so if you are keen to see what they are up to, tune in.

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  1. SimonJK says:

    Would it be too much to ask for someone to actually do a decent Shadow Run RPG that’s as big as the Fallout World? It has so much potential for a mission based, loads of DLC game.

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