Planetside 2 Comparison Screenies

In just over a week, the GamingLives E3 team will sit down to see what SOE has in store for the FPS lovers with the upcoming Planetside 2.  As a treat for Planetside fans, and to give them a taster of what they can expect to see in terms of aesthetic improvements at least, Sony have released a series of comparison shots showing original character models from nine years ago alongside their modern versions.  The differences are, as you’d expect, pretty drastic as far as detail is concerned and is perhaps most obvious in the craft comparisons.

Unless Sony happen to do something unthinkable between now and the actual beta launch, Planetside 2 looks to not only capitalise on the revolutionary gameplay from 2003, but take it several steps further for the MMORPS genre.  We’ll have our preview available for you at some point during E3 but, in the meantime, have some pics..

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