Mark Hamill Returns As The Joker In DC Universe Online DLC

After announcing his retirement as one of gaming’s most flamboyant villains, Mark Hamill is returning as The Joker in the new DC Universe Online expansion.  The DLC – “The Last Laugh” – will be free for Legendary subscribers, but can be  purchased by all other users via the official website and PSN.  Whether or not this signals a true return from retirement for Hamill, or whether his dialogue was recorded before he stepped down and hung up his-acid squirting flower for the last time, we don’t know – but we can but hope.  After all… we don’t want Nolan North muscling in on the action.  In addition to Hamill, Arleen Sorkin makes a return as helium-voiced Harley Quinn and Adam ‘the famous one’ Baldwin joins the cast as Superman.

The Last Laugh will include new weapons, hours of multiplayer gameplay, and new PvP characters – not bad for a freebie.

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