Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed Until 2013 – Non-Shocker

"Have you been injured in an accident at work?..."

Well, what did you expect… it has been delayed constantly over the last few years, so why not just a little longer?  Yep, today comes the news that SEGA’s Aliens: Colonial Marines has been delayed until February 12th, 2013, nuking our hopes from orbit and making us grab our dropped linen and sulk off home. The news may understandably disappoint many, who had thought that the January delay this year would be the last to plague the long-awaited release, but it seems that we are being made to wait  just that little bit longer.

SEGA may well have made the best move, however, because with the cluster-fuck of the Autumn/Chrimbo release schedule waiting to explode all over our lives, avoiding the crossfire and joining fellow slippee, BioShock Infinite may just be the best idea (unless GTA V makes an early appearance next Spring).

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