Sam Hulick To Compose Score For Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

As if teasing Baldur’s Gate fans with a revamped edition of the game for the iPad – Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – wasn’t enough, then Overhaul Games have just added to the allure of the project with the addition of composer Sam Hulick.  Hulick, who composed the scores for all three Mass Effect games, will be delivering some original compositions for the new release to be featured alongside the new gameplay content, which will compliment Baldur’s Gate’s original soundtrack.

“The music of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II was a huge inspiration for me as a composer who was just venturing forth into the world of writing music for games,” Said Hulick, “so to be able to travel back in time, so to speak, and score original material for the Baldur’s Gate saga is a dream come true for me.”

Now we kind of wish Santa had brought us an iPad.  Okay… we don’t because Lorna would have dropped it or spilled something on it, but still… if anything could make lust lust for one, it is news like this.

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  1. SimonJK says:

    I loved both Baldurs Gate games on the Xbox and would gladly pay 1200 msps for a XBL arcade conversion, for me it’s even more wanted than a retail version of Diablo 3 for 360:(

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