LEGO Lord of the Rings On The Way

It seems that, thanks to a newly revealed line of LEGO toys, a LEGO Lord of the Rings game appears to be on the cards.  Okay, hands up who is surprised to see this one coming.  No one?  That’s what we thought. LOTR is one of those franchises that we are just amazed took so long to get the block treatment, and now, according to MCV, it is actually happening.  Toy review sites have reportedly received early versions of LOTR LEGO sets, which feature logo images for Warner Bros and developer Traveller’s Tales.  While Warner have not yet made an official announcement, we can expect one pretty sharpish now that the writing is pretty much on the blocky wall; E3 would likely be the perfect showground.  Gamerscore hunters, prepare yourselves for battle once more, because the grind is coming…

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  1. SimonJK says:

    Holy hell! Arn’t they due to release Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes next month? As much as I love the genre and have played every one in Xbox 360 an Original (and only missed 1 achvmt in total) and even Bionicals, I’m not too sure about this one. Lego games usually let you relive beloved series of films with some added alteration humor mixed into the scripts but I just don’t think they can pull Lord or the rings off to be honest. The three current films and potential prequel just cannot successfully transplant into the usual Lego format simply due to usable content – lets face it LotR has a lot of large scale battle scenes and walking (if you read the books it’s a hell of a lot of walking!), there is also the question of character differance and the hub locations needed and I just cannot see how the can add humor. The games are usually for +3 years and over, so once you take out ‘the go there and kill that’ aspect of most the LotR films and traveling, hell not to mention the minikits as I cannot recall any actual vehicles, I can see this version being very unfurfilling with more unnessessary extra characters that Harry Potter 1.

    (probably still buy it though, lol)

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    You make some great points about the potential gameplay issues and I agree. When I actually stop to think about the source materials, I am becoming less convinced that it will translate well. Most of the books/films, to quote Randall from Clerks, were about people ‘walking to a fucking volcano’. That said, the Mines of Moria could be stunning… but in my opinion, that was perhaps the best sequence of scenes in the trilogy. That and anything with Sean Bean in (shame Jackson was determined to edit the character to make him seem like a craven wanker – watch the extras, they paint him in a far better light… argh, no, stop the rant before it starts…).

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