Dark Souls Sales Top 1.19 Million Units

The latest news in today proves that gamers like it hard.  No, we’re not talking about’ slip and slide’ action or the inevitable result of your porn subs, we’re talking about Dark Souls.  Infamous for being harder than Chuck Norris’s toenails, Dark Souls has captivated and frustrated gamers in equal measure with its blisteringly hard gameplay.  While recent years have seen games taking it easy on players to encourage inclusiveness and casual gamers/noobs, many core gamers have lamented this shift towards ‘dumbing down’.

Developers, FromSoftware, however, have clearly sought to rectify the situation and their punishing title, Dark Souls, has enjoyed superb sales, with figures topping 1.19 million in units sold across the US and Europe.  Perhaps this will set an example for other devs/publishers and send the message: gamers like pain – perhaps that’s what comes from living in basements (playing to the stereotype for a moment) – traditionally home to family gimps and ‘sick filth’… or is that just our basement?

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