Microsoft Conference To Be Streamed Over Xbox Live

When E3 swings around every year, major gaming sites are usually inundated with viewers eager to catch the big press conferences being streamed live.  After all, who could live with themselves if they missed Nintendo bleating endlessly on about their sales figures (perhaps not so much this year, in light of the recent news that they posted their first ever loss since leaping into the console market).  Or if they missed Microsoft roll out Peter Molyneux for something a little different.  Or missed the surprise showing of the latest COD game. Enough sarcasm – Ed.

Okay, well, we admit, they can be quite a spectacle, even though they are insufferably arse numbing at times (check out our E3 diaries from last year to find out more).  Well, this year, gamers won’t have to worry about trying to get a decent connection to one of the usual outlets, at least as far as Microsoft goes, as their conference this year will be streamed across Xbox Live for the first time ever.

The MS conference will be taking place at 9:30 am (GMT) 4th June, 2012, so get those tubs of Pringles at the ready and be prepared to be drowned under a sea of social/Kinect twaddle.  And some games.  Cynical?  Us?  Really?

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