Worms Revolution Gets Class System

While every year brings familiar things: seasons, holidays, fuck-awful reality TV… as gamers, we also expect certain franchises to trot out their trusty wares, and Worms is no exception.  When Worms Revolution was recently announced, we didn’t bat an eyelid, here at GLHQ, however, it would appear from the latest announcement, that Team 17 are taking a risk and are shaking up their tried and trusted formula, with the inclusion of a class system for the first time ever.  Now Team 17 have our full attention.

The game will feature four classes: Soldier, Scout, Scientist, and Heavy, and instead of shoving weapons at your annelids and hurling them into battle, players will be able to unlock a total of 16 worms, four from each of the classes, and make up teams in whatever combo they would like.  While you may want a team of Heavies with which to crush the opposition, others may well go for a more balanced approach, with a delicate mix of all four.

More details on the classes follow below…

The obligatory group shot... From left to right: Scientist, Soldier, Scout, Heavy

Standard worm, as has appeared in the previous games.  Well rounded and maneuverable, it is a basic, unspecialised drone/cannon fodder/lackey.

The Ezio of worms.  Agile, lightweight, and faster on the move than the other classes, the Scout can jump higher and further and fall greater distances, and his smaller size presents a harder target for enemy worms, especially where ranged attacks are concerned (like this will effect the hideously unbalanced enemy AI crack-shots). Melee attacks, however, will do greater damage and, due to his more flimsy nature, an enemy blast will send him soaring over the landscape like a pricked balloon (no, we don’t mean Richard Branson).

Anyone who pegged this for the prerequisite ‘tank class’ should give themselves a shrubbery.  One that looks nice.  The most powerful worm in the game, this fat bastard will have a harder time than the others getting around the cluttered landscapes; not only that but his chubby pink body makes him a bigger target.  Use of the ninja rope and jet-pack are essential for reaching the parts of the map that other worms could leap and bound to, but lardy Heavy will be slower on the draw with these utilities, naturally.  The upside to the bulk, however, is that blasts won’t have as much of an effect, so no hilarious pinwheeling off the map to howls of rage here then.

Weaker and slower than the other worms, this boffin is best utilised building items such as sentry guns and electro-magnets, as he will be a sitting duck for any vicious pink avenger that happens by.  In an interesting move, the Scientist will raise the health of the entire team for every turn that he takes, making him potentially the most valuable player; as such,  ‘Darksiders’ may well want to ensconce him early on inside a hulking piece of landscape, hollowed out with a blowtorch, as he will be a prime target.

When the game was first announced, we have to admit that we weren’t overly fussed, here at GLHQ, as we fully expected it to be more of the same, however good that ‘same’ may be.  However, with this latest news comes a renewed interest and curiousity.  After all, Worms has never had such a radical shake up in gameplay, and we can’t wait to see whether or not Team 17 pull it off.. after all, constructing a team from specific units with different strengths and weaknesses to balance?  That is straying further down the more serious strategy path than they have perhaps ever gone.  We’re stroking our non-existent beards with interest.

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