Max Payne 3 DLC Pass Announced

Triple A releases and DLC go together hand in hand as much as the Daily Mail and bullshit, and the latest game to shout about its DLC before the main title is even released is Max Payne 3.  Rockstar have announced that a number of DLC packs will be available in the months following the game’s release (to no one’s surprise), which will include various multiplayer and co-op maps.  Of course, buying that lot may come to a pretty penny, but Rockstar are offering gamers the chance to pre-purchase the lot with a Rockstar Pass.

It may well sound like something that will give you access to Gene Simmons’ pants, but it will actually net you every piece of DLC for the princely sum of 2400 MSP/$29.99 on PSN, which is apparently 35% cheaper than splashing out on everything piecemeal.  Not bad if it floats your particular boat.  The steady drip feed should at least keep fans happy through the summer months anyway, although lone wolf gamers may find the leaning towards multiplayer somewhat disappointing.

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