DTP Insolvency Risks Rupturing Pending Releases

Anyone who tells you that the recession is over is obviously letting too many Cosmos, served by their personal butler, go to their head, as for most of us it is very much a reality, with publishers cutting back, studios closing, and now, another loss to the industry in the shape of key German publisher Dtp Entertainment.  According to multiple sources, the German publisher has just filed for insolvency, leaving a number of scheduled releases up in the air and the promise of future titles in tatters.

While many mourn the – potentially permanent – delay of XBLA title, Awesomenauts, we can’t forget that Dtp are one of the main European publishers responsible for producing a long stream of high quality adventures, including the celebrated Black Mirror 2 and 3 through its subsidiary developer, Cranberry Production.  With the company now filing for insolvency, where does this leave the slew of promising adventure releases that are just around the corner, including Haunted (read our preview here), Memento Mori 2, and The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura (previewed recently on GL)?

Of course, the wider concern is for the company and those 180 jobs that are at risk, but the impact on the adventure landscape could be shocking and the thought of a key European player going under is a sobering one, especially with so many great titles on the cusp of release.  Whether they will bounce back up, or whether anything can be salvaged from the releases now in a holding pattern is, as yet, unknown, but we’ll endeavor to keep updated.

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Damn shame. I hate shit like this. I hate that the big boys are guzzling money through selling ridiculous £28 DLC packs to give you early access to all the weapons that are ALREADY in the bloody game, while the lesser-sized publishers strive to merely stay afloat. Sickening because, in case you didn’t already know, there’s no way in hell that any of these behemoth corporate bodies would even contemplate publishing even one percent of what Dtp have done… because it won’t flood their account with eight and nine-figure sums.

    Some might say that the reason Dtp went under is because they’re deliberately NOT backing the games that bring in the huge revenues. Fair enough, but I’d rather be admired and respected for taking a chance than going with the obvious. Sad, sad day. Yet again. This is happening too often. That’s a lot of jobless people in an already-over-saturated market.

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    Fucking gutted about this. The job losses are fuck awful, that is a given, but as far as the gaming landscape goes this is pretty serious for adventure fans. Dtp put out some of the major, high-end adventure titles, so this is a huge blow. Where it will leave many of this year’s releases I hate to think :(

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