Cave Johnson Returns To Talk New Portal 2 DLC

Cave Johnson is back!  That is all you really need to know to have a happy Friday, but if you insist on more, then we’ll elaborate.  Sadly, the great man himself is still reclining in that big, lemonless facility in the sky, but this new video, voiced by everyone’s favourite no-nonsense force of nature, has slipped out onto the internet to show off Aperture’s latest plans.  Or the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC as it is more commonly known.

Along with the usual humour that has become a staple of the Portal 2 Aperture videos, this one shows off the latest DLC for the PC version of the game (no word yet on consoles), which involves a damn sexy looking map editor that will allow even the most mod-fearing bedroom Wheatley/GLaDOS the chance to let their warped imaginations run riot.  Maps can be published on Steam via the Steam Workshop, which means that puzzle hungry Portal players can browse, vote and download new creations at their leisure.

That’s it, get out.

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  1. Adam L Adam L says:

    Sounds great, I love playing customs on Portal 2. Hopefully there’ll be even more great designs readily available now.

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