Silent Hunter Online Announced

No only do submarines and U-Boats provide the GL staff with plenty of opportunity to make childish jokes about ‘going down’, but they are the subject around which one of the most classic gaming franchises of all time has been built – Silent Hunter. Yes, who doesn’t remember their dad playing it – okay, get out… everyone else? Good. This time out, however, the famous submarine sim isn’t just invading your PC, but it is flooding its torpedo tubes ready for an all out assault on browser based gaming.

Ubisoft today announced that players will now have the chance to sign up for the closed beta for the new, free-to-play, browser based multiplayer game (that’s a mouthful right there) by visting

Silent Hunter Online takes full advantage of Adobe Flash Player 11 technology to deliver the game’s vast array of submarines (all historically accurate) in a sexy 3D punch. Not only do players get to tackle the ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ but, for the first time in Silent Hunter history, players will be able to unite and stalk every mission in co-op mode. Not only that, but in an interesting move, individual campaign successes and gameplay impact and effect other players, although to what extent we are not currently sure.

While the game may not be up everyone’s conning tower, this classic franchise has a dedicated core of diehard fans spanning the globe, and with the safe hands of Blue Byte (of Settlers fame) to nurture it, we have high hopes that the innovative idea of an online SH game will blast the other hunter/killers out of the damn water. Now, we’ll be Denzel and you can be Gene, okay?

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