Ninty Post First Annual Loss For 30 Years

It would seem that Nintendo’s chubby plumber isn’t the only thing in the red at the moment, as the publishing behemoth has posted its first annual loss for thirty years. Joining the club of those whose financial results are lower than the average Essex girl’s hoop earings, Ninty has surprised many with an eye-watering net loss of £329 million.  Until now, the publisher has always enjoyed considerable profits, with their handheld domination playing a huge part in their success, not to mention their wavy arm technology, which carved out a new type of gaming experience and drew unprecedented mass market interest.

Ninty said that it “continues to pursue its basic strategy of ‘gaming population expansion’ by offering compelling products that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender or gaming experience”.

Whether the upcoming Wii U will turn their fortunes around, time alone will tell, but we fully expect them to bounce back in their usual inexorable style… they’ve proved before that they have more tricks up their sleeve than Penn Jillette, and even with the prices currently slashed on the 3DS, their share of the handheld market is likely to remain undiminished.

Source: Develop-Online

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