Iceberg Interactive To Publish Latest Last Half Of Darkness Game

Back in 2011, we reviewed the creepy point and click title, Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir, which was part of the ongoing LHOD series.  Publisher Iceberg Interactive has today announced that it has picked up the publishing baton for the next game in the series, Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon – a game detailed in last year’s adventure roundup.  Since the game has been available from the developer’s website for some time, what took Iceberg so long to decide to go with it?  Still, we don’t mind quite so much, as publisher support for indie adventure games is a good thing, and Iceberg have a history of supporting the genre.

As you can imagine, the story isn’t a merry one, promising much mystery and horror, in the best adventure traditions.  After your fiancée vanishes while investigating a number of vampire-like murders in a small European town (seriously, she didn’t go armed with an industrial sized can of garlic ‘n’ pepper spray… don’t these people play games?), you recieve a package in the post containing, among other things, her bloodstained engagement ring.  Naturally you set off in pursuit, following the clues she left behind and getting pulled into a dark mystery full of things that go suck in the night.

Set for release on 18th May, we look forward to seeing what dark delights WRF studios have in store for us.

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