Borderlands 2 Limited Editions On The Way

The last 48 hours in the giant, virtual, Borderlands 2 tent have been buzzing with a mix of trepidation and excitement over the most recent announcements.  While many were excited to hear of the new character class, the Mechromancer, there were others who thought that this latest revelation from Gearbox marked the beginning in a long line of “you want it, you pay for it” extras to the long-awaited sequel with usual day-one DLC complaints.  The fact that Gearbox have merely announced that they will be producing the DLC, but won’t be working on it until after the game has been marked as finished, does detract somewhat from that sinking feeling of them perhaps joining the ranks of the developers who are content to include content in the original release, but withold it until such times as the masses dip into their pockets for it.

The Mechromancer’s abilities are, as yet, unknown but the word on Pandora’s streets is that she will be able to interact with the robotic hordes in a way that isn’t possible with the other characters, and if this turns out to be that she’s able to ‘take over’ other mechanical enemies and use them as pets, much like Mordecai with his Bloodwing, then this particular character class will become a whole lot tastier for this particular Borderlands fan.  What we do know, however, is that she’ll come with a controllable robot by the name of D374-TP (Deathtrap), her own weapons, gear, and class mods as you’d expect plus there’s talk of interchangeable heads which will be unlocked through levelling up and in-game challenges.

For this scavenger and hoarder, however, there was something a little more exciting on the horizon – news of two upcoming limited edition sets which, surprisingly for the gaming industry, won’t just be a handful of unlock codes and a lenticular cover thrown on to what appears to be a regular edition of the game.  This time, if Gearbox stick to their plans, we’re looking at a Deluxe Vault Hunters edition which is expected to retail at $99 USD (so probably £99 GBP as exchange rates tend to be forgotten in the gaming world) and will include a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead as well as some other as-yet-unannounced goodies. For the loot whores, however, the holy grail of special editions will be the Ultimate Loot Chest edition, rumoured to be $150 on release, which will apparently contain all manner of goodies… and come in its own replica loot chest.  Mmmm, I’ll take all you have of these, please!

Now, if we could only convince Randy Pitchford that the Borderlands community needed a 1:1 scale, fully functional, pneumatically-controlled red crate for us to keep our bits and bobs in. The world would be a much more pleasant, and entertaining, place.

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Source(s): Pikimal, GameInformer

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Not sure I’m interested in these limited editions at all. I mean, why would I want to have a Marcus bobblehead or a red (or crimson… or whatever) crate replica? Oh hell, who am I kidding? I will most likely sell another few dozen games from my stash just to get my hands on them. I love, love, LOVE limited editions when they’re done properly and so few game boxes are. I want to be all over this like horny on Moxxi.

  2. Pete Pete says:

    Damn them all to hell! I’m going to have to buy both I think :(

    So long as they look worth it when they release imagery of course ;)

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