Free DLC For Two Worlds II

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If there is anything that gamers like more than complaining about rival consoles, the ending of Mass Effect 3, the Wii, Bobby Kotick, and the price of porn subscriptions, it is free stuff.  Speaking for ourselves, at least.  To celebrate the upcoming Easter weekend, when a bloke allegedly died and re-spawned in olden times (pre ZX81), TopWare Interactive are doling out a nifty treat for fans of tough RPG Two Worlds II in the shape of some free DLC.

Any loner fans of single player mode will be left sulking in the corner we’re afraid, as the DLC consists of a new multiplayer mode and five new maps.  The new mode is ‘Defense Mode’ in the style of the classic castle/tower defense, in which players team up to defend Gandohar – the big bad from the campaign mode – against endless waves of enemies.

“TopWare Interactive wants to push the idea of real-time, online, role play gaming a step further and has implemented this in the new Defense-Mode. We’ve had a ton of feedback from our community, asking for a gameplay mode that combines the classic style known from our Castle Defense game, but with all the features of a 3D action role playing game,” said Alexandra Constandache, CEO of TopWare Interactive.  “We want to thank the fans for their immense feedback and let them know that they’re the reason why we’re releasing the DLC for free. We’re always eager for any and all feedback that can help us to make our games even better.”

The new goodies are now available on the official site.

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