Harvey’s New Eyes To Finally Make UK Release?

It seems like an age ago that we reviewed Daedalic’s gorgeously quirky point and click adventure, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, and almost as long since our first news piece speculating on the existence of a sequel (later confirmed and the game has subsequently seen a release… in Germany).  Over the passing months, however, hope began to wane that Harvey’s New Eyes would ever see a UK release.  Due, in part, to some disappointing mainstream review scores, and the small – albeit dedicated – UK market for these titles, it seemed that a release was fast becoming a distant possibility.

This was extremely frustrating for adventure gamers and, sadly, even importing was not an option, since there were no English subs on the German version.  However, recently, a spark of hope for an eventual UK debut was ignited, thanks to a small, almost missable, remark on Daedalic’s Facebook page.

In response to one poster’s comments regarding their hope for an eventual UK release or, at the very least, a version with Engligh subtitles, Daedalic’s comments were thus:

“It’s almost done…”

Can we get a whoo hoo and a ‘finally’?  Whether it is indeed a UK release or simply a German version with subs is unclear, however, the fact that Harvey’s New Eyes may well soon be playable is great news for (often neglected) UK adventure gamers.  Who will pick up publishing duties over here is anyone’s guess, but the smart money is on Lace Mamba Global, who put out Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, and regularly publish the majority of Daedalic’s output, not to mention a significant portion of all imported adventure titles.

To celebrate until there is more news, here are some screens from this kooky looking title.

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