Simul8 Design Playing God Again

It looks like Simul8 Design Works have done it again!  You may recall that we recently told you about their controversial male prostitute sim game, RentBoy Simulator, and how the homosexual community was up in arms over the portrayal of male prostitutes as all being gay?  This time, they’ve taken exactly the opposite stance in a game called Religious Leader Simulator where one of the features listed is a mini game called “What a Gay Day” where your character, a young priest working their way through the ranks of the priesthood through a series of tasks and examinations, is tasked with “lying in wait outside homosexual night clubs” for unsuspecting patrons to leave and “thumping them” with your bible to notch up as many points as possible.

It gets worse, however, as the “Bible Bash” mini game has a similar theme where you wait outside to have your own fun…

Make your way down to the local abortion clinic and lie in wait for the “loose women” who had their unborn children murdered and smack them across the face with your bible.  Pick up ten points for every bloody nose or twenty points if the woman is under 18.  Special awards for knocking their heads off in a “critical hit” moment.

As well known as the Catholic church are for fighting against the right of women to decide whether they should or shouldn’t carry a child full term, there are few who would go to such extremes as to inflict physical harm and the use of the term “loose women” to describe anyone who has an unwanted pregnancy, given that a large number of terminations are the result of rape or marital rape, is shocking to say the least.  The description then goes on to describe another mini-game which, while it doesn’t come right out and say it, strongly hints against underage sex with choirboys.  For further clarification, we contacted the Director of Simul8 Design Works, Mabossa Ritchie, for comment:

Simulator games are exactly that. They are simulations of real life events and vocations, where we attempt to put the player in the position of a real person carrying out their day to day job.  In the case of Religious Leader Simulator, there is nothing that hasn’t been done at one point in time by members of the priesthood although we have, admittedly, exaggerated certain aspects for artistic license.  If we didn’t, simulator games would be boring.  I should also point out that our Hooker Simulator game is being used by a well respected educational institution in the United States to teach young girls about holding on to their virginity by allowing them to see the flip-side. If that’s not a good thing, then I don’t know what is!

Regardless of how others view their games, we don’t particularly like the way that Simul8 Design Works tackle video game design.  Real or not, a line has to be drawn somewhere.

Source: Simul8 Design Works website

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  1. Big Tam says:

    What. The. Fuck?

  2. Chris Chris-Toffer says:

    Bloody shocking!

  3. Jigga wha? says:

    Bloody transparent #aprilfools

  4. Rook says:

    Down with that sort of thing.

  5. Nandoboy says:

    If this was on Xbox the acheivements would be great like Browbeat (20G) where you force people into beleiving your crap or Brainwash (50G) where you go on telly and preach to a room full of idiots that you can heal the sick and have people phone in and pledge all their wages lol

  6. Graham Graham says:

    The Daily Mail must be alerted to this Sick Filth, ASAP.

  7. Ste Ste says:

    I need this game in my life

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