Lucius Gets New Release Date And Screens

After slipping from its 2011 release date into Spring 2012, it seems that Lucius is proving as elusive as ever, having slipped back into the shadows once more, this time with its sights set on Q4.  Developers Shiver Games today announced that October 2012 would be the new release date for the long awaited Omen-esque adventure title, and stated that the delay was due to reworking and improving the game.

“Over the past few months we have internally reviewed our game and decided that we should spend more time reworking and improving areas that influenced the storytelling and overall presentation of the game. Unfortunately, even small changes in these areas take time to implement. Therefore we also decided to spend this time improving all the cut scenes in the game, which has resulted in a huge increase in the level of graphical detail,” said Johannes Aikio, founder of and lead designer at Shiver Games.

We know it is a nuisance, with many here at GLHQ impatiently awaiting Lucius’ release, having previewed it and covered it in two adventure roundup pieces – here and here – but for the time being, perhaps these new screens will satiate your dark desires?

While you may think that we have taken leave of our senses by including a screenshot of what appears to be a dining table, if you check out the enlargement, you can clearly see a character sneaking in through the window in the background.  The same character would appear to be the guy in several of the other screens, which has tugged our curiosity cord.  Yes, we know the basic story about Lucius being the son of the devil and bumping off members of the household, but there has to be more to it, and we are wondering if the guy in the leather jacket is, in fact, a David Warner type character who is on to Lucius’ true nature and is out to stop him.  Food for thought.  But we bet you a pound that we’re right.  If we are, let’s just hope he doesn’t end up suffering a similar grisly fate as Warner’s Omen character – someone has to stop the hellspawn after all… you don’t really want him to triumph do you?  Do you?

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