Anno 2070 DLC Revealed

Sometimes there is nothing like knocking off after a hard day at work and relaxing by sinking into an RTS and managing an entire city/planet/civilisation.  Hell, coping with complex trade routes, shifty pirates, and devious enemies is probably far less stressful than many jobs.  At least you can destroy your foes and leave their lives and cities in ruins… try that in real life and suddenly, for some reason, Interpol want to get involved.  Well, the lives of management/RTS/city building fans are about to get even busier, with the recent reveal from Ubisoft of their latest piece of DLC for Anno 2070.  ‘Global Distrust’ sees tycoons struggling against one another to increase their value and obtain financial victory, making use of increased trading and expansion through a number of scenarios.

While the shift to a futuristic setting may have left traditional Anno fans horrified and clinging, teary-eyed, onto their airfix clipper ships and merchant tunics, we have to say that the game looks beautiful, despite its treacherous leap into the future, and the Global Distrust DLC is no different.

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