Dust 514 Screens Break Cover

Pew pew pew, it’s screenwave time.  The latest screens to wash up on GLHQ’s shores are for the hybrid FPS/RTS, Dust 514, which has been developed exclusively for the PS3.  Set in the EVE Online universe, Dust 514 offers ‘brutal ground combat and strategic planetary conquest ‘ as players scrap over territory and resources in true RTS style, while making and breaking deals with starship pilots (try a box of Earl Grey) to gain control of regions of space.  Dust 514 is a persistent shooter that will bridge the console and PC, allowing players of EVE Online and Dust 514 to work in unison for control of space territory.  Sounds intriguing to us, especially the fact that both games will share a ‘realistic, player-driven economy’, but perhaps more so that actions in Dust 514 will potentially effect thousands of star systems in the persistent universe.

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