Warner Tease New Spy Vs Spy Game

What better nugget of satisfaction could there be in life than placing a bucket of acid above a door and waiting for your worst enemy to come blundering through, only to get zapped to smithereens.  Then, before their angel has even ascended, you being looting their stuff… while laughing.  Sadly, we are only talking about gaming and not revenge on noisy neighbours, people with loud music on trains, or noxious family members.  Honest.

Perhaps the ultimate feuding game, along with… well… Fued, Spy Vs Spy brings back many fond memories among the GL collective.  Whether you read the comics in Mad magazine, or played it on the Speccy, C64, NES, PS2, or something else, it was a solid title.  Rivalry at its best and most simple, yet devious.  So, imagine our delight when we clicked our weary fingers through to a mystery image (shown below) trailed by Warner Bros today to be faced with an oh so familiar screen.  Could this be?  Music was muted, biscuits hit desks.  This was Spy Vs Spy… but… all ‘modern like’.  And colourful.  And clearly in production.

Aside from the teaser screenie, all we know is that Warner are on publishing duty, while development has fallen to the intriguingly named Robots and Pencils.  The more hopeful among us are praying for  an XBLA game… imagine the fun to be had across LIVE… and the bastard achievements.  However, the more practical and despondent among us, having taken a brief look at Robots and Pencils’ site, are placing wagers on it being a iPad/iPhone/Android release.  Damn.  Curse Apple and their shiny pad technology… first Dizzy, and now this.  Still, fingers crossed eh, and we’re sure we won’t be the only ones keeping an eye out for more news.  And for spring traps hidden behind our TV sets, naturally.

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  1. Tania Tania says:

    I used to love that game! Even if the AI was a cheating bastard who knew where everything was without searching for it. Still it made killing the bugger all the sweeter. I really hope it’s an XBLA title and not another bloody phone game!

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