Confrontation Squares Up To An April Release

We seem to be inundated with sexy screenies lately, showing off a variety of titles at their gloriously colourful best (until the next brown shooter, anyway), and today sees the turn of upcoming hybrid title, Confrontation.  Published by Focus Home Interactive, Confrontation marries RPG and strategy to offer the player a deep experience combining the best of both worlds, with combat providing an intense level of tactical play, with smart unit management proving vital.

With the Age of Rag’narok fast approaching, the player is tasked with leading a posse of Griffin Warriors, whose job is to infiltrate enemy territory and bring an end to the Scorpion threat.  Sounds nasty to us.  Of course, things are never as simple as wandering up to a fortress door and tricking your way in dressed as the Avon lady and our squad will face many dangers on their way to victory, from Orcs to some suitably ‘fantasy sounding’ things such as ‘creatures of the Alchemists of Dirz’.

The game will see a release on 5th April, but in the meantime, here are a selection of screens to savour.

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