Of Orcs And Men – New Screens

Still lovin’ that title.  Anyway, Of Orcs and Men, the joint release from developers Cyanide and Spiders, is looking pretty impressive if the latest batch of screenshots are anything to go by.  They show off some of the more grand scale locations that will be laid out, ripe for exploration, and boast some impressive looking environments.  The RPG focuses on an Orc warrior, tasked with ending the bloodshed and slaughter of Orcs and Goblins by humankind by slaying the Emperor responsible for the prejudice and death.  The player will get to game as both an Orc and a Goblin, utilising their natural traits and developing their own individual skill trees to better tackle a variety of situations, on and off the battlefield.

Of Orcs and Men is set for a 2012 release and will be charging into battle on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

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