Police Simulator 2 On the Beat This Month

Well, just when you thought they couldn’t find anything else to simulate, up pops Police Simulator 2, swinging its truncheon, and smacks you round the back of the head.  Excalibur Publishing have just announced Police Simulator 2′s release later this month (no, we didn’t know there was a first one either), which has the player take on the role of Chief of Police, battling the rising level of crime in their city.

In true management-sim style, resource management would appear to be key, deploying officers to known troubled spots, investing in speed cameras (yes, you can be that sadistic), or taking on real crime such as robbery and murder.  While balancing budgets and juggling your resources as best you can is a given, the player can also get with the times and utilise the latest CSI style labs to analyse forensic evidence or just fit up Jeremy Clarkson for crimes against… everything.

Expect Police Simulator 2 to hit the mean streets on 23rd March for an eyebrow-raising £24.99.

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