Sorcery Screens Conjured Up

If there is one thing that actually does lend itself well to motion control, we at GLHQ think it is magic.  After all, magic involves waving things about, whether it is your arms, a wand, or a smooth, stiff rod.  Can we get a wahey?  So, Sony’s incoming Sorcery for the PlayStation Move sounds like a smart way to showcase the tech that won’t have gamers rolling their eyes – at least that is the theory.  As usual in these type of games, an evil queen threatens to smother the land in darkness and it falls (naturally) to a young sorcerer’s apprentice to sort it all out.  Players will be expected to solve puzzles, battle baddies, and cast spells with the help of the Move controller.  This being Sony, we expect the game to look damn pretty and judging by the new screenies, we were right.

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