Lifeless Planet Sees Publishing Deal

It’s lifeless Jim, but not quite as we know it.  Lace Mamba Global recently announced that they will be donning the publishing mantle for the intriguing sounding indie action adventure, Lifeless Planet, set to be released in Q4 this year.  During the Cold War, when space one-upmanship was at its most fevered, the moon landings seemed to be the pot of gold at the end of a long rainbow, with the USA (unless you believe otherwise) emerging victorious.  However, indie adventure, Lifeless Planet, developed by David Board and Stage 2 Studios, based in Alaska, explore some pretty tantalising ‘what ifs’, the main one being: ‘what if someone had secretly sent a manned mission to a far off world… and what if that someone was the Soviet Union?’

With the galactic stage set, the player bounces into the boots of a volunteer astronaut, who is packed off on a one way mission to what he is led to believe is a life bearing planet, far outside the bounds of our own solar system.  However, as we can expect, all does not go smoothly, least of all with the landing and he soon discovers that, far from setting foot on a new potential Earth, he has become stranded on a barren planet.  To rub salt in the wounds, his fellow astronauts are missing (aren’t they always… these people need tracking devices), and his oxygen tank is on the way out.  As the player explores, mysteries begin to unfold not least with the discovery of an abandoned Soviet laboratory, leading our protagonist to wonder whether the whole mission was a hoax, or part of an elaborate propaganda stunt.  What is the truth?  Is he stuck millions of miles from Earth in the Soviet Union’s best kept secret, or has he become ensnared in a bitter lie?

Personally, we love the concept of this one, here at GLHQ, and the fact that it started life as Kickstarter funded project is admirable.  Hopefully we’ll see it keep to its planned launch (ahem) this year without any slippage.

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Oooooh, it has undetones of Capricorn One by the sounds of it, unless I was getting confused by the “wonder whether the whole mission was a hoax” part. I love the sound of this. Capricorn One was cool.

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